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Congratulations! Zhejiang Hanpu Power Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the "Invisible Champion" enterprise in Zhejiang Province!

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A few days ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology released the list of 2022 invisible champion enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and Zhejiang Hanpu Power Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed!

"Invisible Champion" enterprises in Zhejiang Province refer to enterprises that have been engaged in specific subdivision industries and subdivision fields for more than 10 years on the basis of taking the road of "specialization, specialization and innovation", and the market share of leading products in subdivisions ranks among the top 10 in the world Or the top 3 companies in the country that meet certain conditions in terms of participation in the formulation of industry standards, operating indicators, and bank credit. It is the benchmark for the high-quality development of provincial-level "specialized, special and new" enterprises.

Since its establishment in February 1992, Zhejiang Hanpu Power Technology Co., Ltd. has accumulated nearly 30 years of professional R&D, manufacturing, and project construction experience in power system automation, electric energy measurement, and intelligent power distribution. The company's products are widely used in electric power, transportation, construction engineering, power generation and other fields. It provides supporting services for major power generation companies, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and other well-known enterprises. At the same time, it can provide customers with power installation (repair, test) and power general contracting services. At present, the company has become a leading enterprise in the industry.

The enterprise is "invisible", but the results are not "invisible". The company's leading product "electric energy meter calibration device" has undertaken automatic verification assembly line projects for electric energy meters (single-phase, three-phase, terminal, etc.) in many provinces across the country, and its market share ranks first in the country. In 2020, the new generation of IR46 smart energy meter verification system developed and produced by Hanpu Power Company has filled the domestic gap. The product is equipped with a high-stable linear power source, a high-level standard electric energy meter and a brand-new electric energy meter test software, which can meet the full performance testing requirements of the new generation of smart electric meters by customers such as State Grid/South Power Grid Metering Center, Metrology Institute and electric meter manufacturers. , providing a solid guarantee for the construction of the smart grid.

The selection of the "Invisible Champion" enterprise in Zhejiang Province this time is an affirmation of Hanpu's long-term deep cultivation of subdivided fields and continuous innovation. In the future, the company will expand its territory in the national market and move forward bravely, striving to turn "invisible" into "visible". To become bigger and stronger on the road of high growth of "specialization, specialization and innovation".


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