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HPU3031 Three Phase Energy Testing Instrument

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Hpu3031 Three Phase Energy Testing Instrument
1. Functions
HPU3031 three phase energy testing instrument adopt AD's high performance 6-channel 16-bit AD sampling speed 120MHz DSP and TI32-bit digital signal processing technology, is a fully digital, multi-functional, intelligent measuring instruments. This instrument not only a variety of single and three phase active and reactive energy meter error, but also can be on-site wiring and comprehensive simulation test site measurement system failure, a comprehensive verification of high and low voltage error, etc., is a applicable to electricity ideal tool supervision department.
2. Features
2.1 With 4.7-inch wide color TFT 16:9 industrial, display clear, beautiful, informative, content rich. Each instrument is a screen display function, you can not scroll to see all the parameters of each function.
2.2 Simultaneous measurement of energy error, voltage, and current, active power, reactive power, phase, frequency, power factor, and shows the vector, checking-line results.
2.3 Real-time measurement and display A, B, C phase voltage and current waveforms and harmonics 2-51, to keep abreast of the quality of power supply.
2.4 The instrument can measure the active and reactive meter's error.
2.5 With 5A, 500A Clamp, direct measurement of low-voltage current transformer ratio. CT can be easily identified in the secondary circuit open circuit, poor contact, CT within the inter-turn short circuit and so on
2.6 Wiring simulation, in the case of the instrument without access to voltage and current signals, the scene in the office can simulate a variety of wiring, wiring results and draw the corresponding correction factor.
2.7 5A clamp error of self: the instrument can produce a current signal with 5A added to the 5A clamp, can measure the error of clamp.
2.8 all of the parameters need to enter the scene and downloading of data can be freely defined by the user, the user can download data from 1000, with more than one marketing system interface, the downloading and uploading data.
2.9 Wireless audit function: a comprehensive inspection on-site measurement system failure, a comprehensive verification of high and low error.
3. Specification

Voltage range 30V~480V 5A
Active power 0.3%, 0.5%
Voltage error ±0.1% Reactive power 0.5%
Current range (overload a times) clamp 5A,100A
Current 0.5%
Self-check current 5A
Self-check  error 0.1%
Input frequency range 45-55Hz Large current clamp Active power 0.3%, 0.5%
Frequency measurement error ±0.01Hz Reactive power 0.5%
Phase measurement range -180°~ +180° current 0.5%
the largest phase error 0.1° Harmonic measurement ±0.1%
Pulse constant 5A 3600 P/kWh Harmonic measuring range 2-51
other 3600*(5/Ie)  P/kWh Environment temperature -25ºC- +45ºC
Note: Ie-  the rated current clamp relative humidity 40%-95%
Power supply AC 45V - 480V dimension 190mm * 140mm * 50mm
Power consumption <  5W Weight <  1kg


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