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Magnetic Infrared Optic-Electric Scanner (HD108-3)

Magnetic Infrared Optic-electric Scanner 

1. Characteristic
1.1 It is a near-infrared Optic-electric Scanner with composite function, in addition the ordinary Optic-electric Scanner acquisition pulse function it also can do near-infrared communication.
1.2 Applies to a variety of energy meters and a variety of baud rates.
1.3 Ultra-high radiation power and radiation intensity.
1.4 High reliability, low forward voltage.
1.5Applied to high pulse current operation, and has a good spectral match.
2. Specification

parameter sign value unit
Reverse voltage VR 5 V
Forward current IF 100 mA
Working temperature range Tamb -55-+100 ºC
Storage temperature range Tstg -55-+100 ºC
Thermalresistance  sectionenvironment Rthja 350 K/W
Infrared wavelength
940 nm


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