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Optic-Electric Scanner HD108-1

Optic-electric Scanner HD108-1

Optic-Electric Scanner HD108-1

1. Main characteristic    
1.1 It can collect the black signal on the mechanical electrical energy meter either the red pulse signal on the electronic electrical energy meter.
1.2 With the resistor, the value of comparative voltage and collecting sensitivity can be adjusted, and they are indicated by 4 indicator lights.
1.3 The import LED being adopted make the apparatus have very strong ability of sticking up to interfering.
2. Method of operation
2.1 Press the red switch to make the two LED lightened, then place the apparatus in front of the calibrated meter at a distance of 15-20mm. It's a best estate when the two facula is intersectant. Then adjust the place of up and down to make the central of the facula aim at the turnplate of the calibrated meter.
2.2 Adjust the resistor to make the 4 green and yellow indicator lights all go out, and the red indicator light is lighted, then adjust the resistor in contrary direction until the 4 green and yellow indicator lights all are just lighted. If the red indicator light goes out when the black sign arrives, it's OK.
2.3 When the situation occurs, while the red indicator light and the other lights can not go out or be lighted, you just need adjust the place of the apparatus up and down or the distance to the calibrated meter, then adjust the resistor ,you can find the best state.
2.4 When it collect the red pulse signal on the electronic meter, press the red switch once more to male the two LED go out .And aim the mid receiver at the mid receive at the pulse signal lamp on the electronic electrical energy meter, away from each other at a distance of 10-15mm.( the following process is similar with "2")
3. Specification
3.1 Performance frequency: 50HZ(200Hz)
3.2 Performance voltage: DC4.5-6V
3.3 Performance current: ≤70mA(5V)
3.4 Power expand: 0.35W ( no load)
3.5 Environment temperature: 10-45ºC
3.6 Relative humifity:40-80%
3.7 Sampling distance:10-50mm
3.8 Output signal: high voltage≥4.5V    Low voltage≤0.2V
3.9 Output current: 3.5mA-4mA
3.10 Resist interfering: distance≤3.0m
Incandescent light≤1000lx sunshine≤1500lx
3.11 Outline dimension: 80mm x 50mm x 23m
4. Wiring diagram      

Optic-Electric Scanner HD108-1


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