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Single-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench (PTC-8101D)

  • PTC-8101D
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Single-Phase Energy Meter Test Bench (PTC-8101D)

1. Features and Functions

This section is the preparatory work before you use the single-phase test bench,
and help you become familiar with the structural characteristics and the device connection and operation of the device.

PTC-8101D singlephase energy meter test bench is considered by integrative
digital synthesis test bench, high stability power source, overload automatic protection circuitry and current, voltage output conversion circuit, the power
supply circuit and calibration device.

The calibration device uses advanced digital synthesis signal technology. With a powerful, high-speed ARM called STM32F207 as the core component
of digital synthesis sine signal source, use digital synthesis, digital FM, digital phase shift, digital AM and other technologies, obtain voltage and current approximately sine signal, and then through the high precision resistance, becomes voltage and current sine signal which the distortion is less than 0.2%. It achieves the required load point demands controlled by the PC.

The D/A converter high stability DC reference base ensure the long time stability of the sine signal amplitude.

The voltage and current standard sinusoidal signal generated by the digital synthesizer sine signal source, through their respective feedback compensation circuit send to the voltage and current amplifier to amplifier the power. Sine voltage signal boosted by the voltage output transformer is send to the calibration energy meter and reference meter. Sine current signal flowed by the current transformer output by the device's current terminal, after series each calibration current coil it returns to the current converter. The output voltage and current signals by current and voltage feedback sampling transformer sampling, feedback to the feedback compensation adjustment circuit that Pre-amplifier.

Calibration device hardware and software design, so that the output voltage, current, phase and frequency are set with satisfactory accuracy and adjust the fineness, And to ensure that the device has a higher output stability and low distortion.

2. Specifications

Accuracy class: 0.1.

        Voltage range: 220V.
        Current range: 0.1A,1A,5A,20A,100A.

Adjustable range:
        Voltage: 0-280V, Fine adjustment: 0.01%.
        Current: 0-100A, Fine adjustment: 0.0001A (minimum).
        Phase (Voltage/current): 0-360.0°, Fine adjustment: 0.01°.
        Frequency: 40-70Hz, Fine adjustment: 0.01Hz.

Output capacity:
        Voltage: >20VA.
        Current: >50VA (1 meter,100A).

Output load capacity:
            Voltage circuit: Max 20VA.
            Current circuit: Max50VA(100A rang)

Output Stability (Power factor):< 0.1% / 3min ( PF=1.0 ).

Waveform distortion:<1.0%(Voltage / current).

Harmonic wave output: 2-21 harmonic wave,
Contents of Harmonic Wave (Voltage≤30%; Current≤40%).

Meter type:Various kinds of single phase active/reactive energy meter (includes sine wave, Var 90°, Var 60 ).

Meter positions: 1.

Environmental condition: operating environment temperature: 0ºC~45ºC; ambient environment humidity: 30% -85% RH.

Power supply: Single phase AC220V ± 15%, frequency: 50/60 Hz.

Volume: 400×350×110mm (L ×W × H).

Weight: 15±1kg.


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