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Three Phase Protable Energy Meter Test Bench

  • PTC8300D

  • HPU

  • 9030849000

Product Description

Single Phase Portable Meter Test Bench
PTC-8100D    0.05 class    I max: 120A
Three Phase Portable Meter Test Bench
PTC-8300D     0.05 class    I max: 120A

Items PTC-8100D PTC-8300D PTC-8125M PTC-8320E PTC-7100
Basic functions Basic error ×
Creeping test ×
Starting test ×
Standard deviation ×
Constant test ×
Meter constant ×
Influence test ×
No load test ×
Max demand test ×
Repeat test ×
Multi-functions test
Day time error   ×
L/N switching   ×
Communication test   ×
Power consumption test   ×
High voltage × ×  × ×

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CE certificate for 3ph test equipment
ISO9001 2015 EN

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Hanpu, founded in 1992, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufactures and sells devices and systems for producing, measuring, testing and calibrating electric/kwh energy meter. Currently, over 400 employees are committed to precision of the highest quality, in total four R&D centers in Haiyan, Suzhou, Ningbo and Xiamen, and has a domestic first-class electric automation R&D team and independent intellectual property rights.

Utilities, test laboratories, national metrology center and electric energy meter manufacturers are among our customers worldwide.

Professional Service at the decisive moment is important. You can choose different levels of accessibility including on-site and remote support. We offer spare part , maintenance and reliability checks and warranty extensions.


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